The One about the Tokyo Cafe Guide 2017 (C&Life Series)

One of my favorite things to do in Japan is visit cafes.  Discover the location, experience the atmosphere and taste the coffee and dishes. And wanting to know what cafe to try can be a bit overload since Japan, especially in Tokyo, there are so many. So, to help ease some of that research of what cafe to try is a mook (book in magazine format) from Asahi Publications titled […]

The One about Commune 2nd (formerly Commune 246) in Minami Aoyama

I was able to visit Commune 246, the cool food court that is hidden in a back area next to the trendy Omotesando shopping area. While Commune 246 closed down at the end of 2016, the location has been reborn on January 2017 as Commune 2nd. In the beginning, the goal was to create a location to reduce waste and introduce contents using green energy.  So, spaces were made for […]

The One about My Organic Vegetable Garden – May 2017 Update

For those who have been following my organic vegetable updates will know that I put quite a bit of time (and money) into container gardening since January 2017. Please visit: The One about My Vegetable Garden Plans for 2017 The One about Planting Seeds During the Late Winter The One about My Grow Light Setup for My Plants and Vegetables The One about Taking Care of Your Plants and Vegetables […]

The One about Gotokuji Temple in Setagaya

In Setagaya, many people flock to Gotokuji Temple which many people call the “cat temple”. Featuring a plethora of statues feat. the lucky cat a.k.a. “maneki neko” (招き猫). The legend and also the Japan National Tourism Organization says that during the Edo Period, af eudal lord named Ii Naotaka was arriving home and saw the temple’s cat trying to get him to enter the temple (hence the cat’s paw up […]

The One about Claude Chabrol’s “Le Beau Serge”

When discussion is brought up among cinema peers of nouvelle vague (The French New Wave), its easy to think of names such as Francois Truffau, Jean-Luc Goard, Eric Rohmer, Jacques Rivette.  Individuals, colleagues and contemporaries who each worked for Cahiers du cinema before they became filmmakers. But there is one man that was a colleague who may have not received the prestige as his contemporaries but is respected for his […]

The One about Nogizaka Station in Roppongi and Nogizaka46

Perception. Sometimes when you associate certain words in the Japanese pop culture, one can easily think that the beauty will match the name. In the case of the name “Nogizaka” which means Nogi Hill, the location is named after resident and Imperial Army general, Nogi Maresuke.  Which you can read more about through this blog. But for me, the word “Nogizaka” is what I think when I hear the music […]

The One about My Late Blog Post of Cafe the 6BT in Akasaka – Check out Green Kitchen in Hokkaido

One of the toughest things about traveling and covering so many locations is that you hope to do a write up on a place you visit that is still around. There are times where you fall in love with a place and to find out that they closed down a month later. And unfortunately, this was the case for me as I went to Cafe the 6BT in Akasaka in […]

The One about Mercedes-Benz Connection Tokyo in Roppongi

The German automobile manufacturer Mercedes-Benz (a division of German company Daimler AG) is well known for its luxury vehicles, buses, coaches and trucks. A history that started as far back as 1901 with the Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft 1901 Mercedes and the  first gasoline-powered automobile, the 1886 Benz Patent-Motorwagen, the Mercedes-Benz brand is known globally. But to show how the brand connects to people in Tokyo and Osaka, in July 2011, the Mercedes-Benz […]