The One about the Tokyo Cafe Guide 2017 (C&Life Series)

One of my favorite things to do in Japan is visit cafes.  Discover the location, experience the atmosphere and taste the coffee and dishes.

And wanting to know what cafe to try can be a bit overload since Japan, especially in Tokyo, there are so many.

So, to help ease some of that research of what cafe to try is a mook (book in magazine format) from Asahi Publications titled “Tokyo Cafe Guide 2017” as part of the C&Life Series.

Upon opening the book is a Tokyo Cafe Guide Map 2017 with information and maps to the location.

Chapter 1 features “2016-17 Hottest Cafe News” and this is where many coffee shops are spotlighted including new notable coffee shops that have opened.

The next is Gourmet News featuring awesome burger or sandwich places in Tokyo.  To pancakes, bakeries and snow ice, this mook really showcases a lot of shops worth visiting.

But then the next chapter focuses on coffee shops along the Yamanote Line and areas nearby such as Okushibuya, Nakameguro-Ikejirohashi, Kiyosumishirakawa, Kuramae, Kichijyoji,   Kicking off with morning, day and night.

Cafe’s that people visit daily, local coffee stands, best day and night cafes.

And if you are in the Kansai area, Asahi Publications also offer a Kyoto Cafe Guide 2017 and an Osaka Cafe Guide 2017-2018.

Also, showcasing merch for people who love coffee.

Also, included is a pull-out for bakeries/cafe, international cafes, to cafe’s that are retro, library-style cafe’s with a plethora of books to green cafes and more!

If you are a coffee fanatic or a person who loves to visit various styles of cafe, I highly recommend Tokyo Cafe Guide 2017.  There are many photos of cafe’s to show you how the interior is but also the coffee and food that are offered at the location.

And even if you don’t read Japanese, the maps and the photos may be enough to entice you to visit these locations in Japan.

If you a person who is not in the Kanto area and in the Kansai area, good news, you can also purchase a Kyoto Cafe Guide 2017 and a Osaka Cafe Guide 2017-2018.

“Tokyo Cafe Guide 2017” is definitely recommended!