The One about My Late Blog Post of Cafe the 6BT in Akasaka – Check out Green Kitchen in Hokkaido

One of the toughest things about traveling and covering so many locations is that you hope to do a write up on a place you visit that is still around.

There are times where you fall in love with a place and to find out that they closed down a month later.

And unfortunately, this was the case for me as I went to Cafe the 6BT in Akasaka in November, just to find out it closed on December 30, 2016.

The restaurant was located between Tokyo Midtown and the Sony Music Entertainment HQ (or between Nogizaka Station and Roppongi Station) is the vegan restaurant, Cafe the 6BT.

Located in a row of shops that practice healthy living, Cafe the 6BT offers only vegan food that uses no animal-sourced ingredients.  No artificial flavorings or refined white sugar.

So, pretty much dishes with no egg, meat, fish, milk, refined sugar or MSG.

The restaurant makes their own original wheat flour noodle to have the same texture and flavor of a regular wheat flour noodle.  Their soups uses konbu (kelp) of Hokkaido’s Rausu, Shiitake mushrooms from Shizuoka and enokidake (velvet shank) grown in the source water of Shinshu.

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So for lunch, you can try a special menu set of the vegan coriander ramen featuring for Y1300 and for dinner, there is a course menu of six kind of vegetables in Italian dressing with soup or you can get vegan soy-sauce ramen, vegan miso ramen, vegan soy milk Tan-Tan noodle, Vegan Tomato Ramen or Vegan Curry Ramen for Y900.  And there are dinner sets for Y1490 which include steamed seasonal vegetables or stir-fried soymeat with chili sauce.  Each served withbrown rice, soup and soymilk vanilla ice cream.

Their sweets without dairy products and white sugar is produced by Kazuya Wakayama – the owner patissier of Patisserie Jeunesse (in Sapporo), the winner of the 2009 Sapporo Sweets Competition.

The company produces juices that are cold pressed with a special juicer that prevents to loss of nutrition due to friction heat and maximize nutritional value.

And as for their coffee, their organic coffee beans are selected by coffee sommeliers of the America Coffee Association.

If you are looking for healthy vegan food in Tokyo, Cafe the 6BT may have closed down in Akasaka, but the owner has been relocated to the Tomamu Resort in Hokkaido working at the Green Kitchen which serves the best ingredients from Hokkaido.

【ご報告】 お客様各位 いつもcafe the 6BTをご愛顧頂き心から御礼申し上げます。さて、このたびcafe the 6BTは2016年12月30日の営業をもちまして六本木での営業は閉店(移転)する事となりました。 つきましては、今後私共は今や北海道で有名なリゾート地トマムにあり、道産野菜や道産食材にこだわったイタリアンレストラン「グリーンキッチン トマムキャンプ」の営業コンサルタントとして運営する運びとなりましたので謹んでご案内申し上げます。 これを機に、従業員一同皆様の信頼にお応えできますよう倍旧の努力を重ねて参る所存でございます。 六本木6BTにたくさんご来店いただきまして有難う御座いました。本当に感謝しかありません。 今後とも、引き続き支援ご厚情を賜りますよう宜しくお願い申し上げます。 cafe the 6BT グリーンキッチントマムキャンプ 住所 〒079-2204 北海道勇払郡占冠村字中トマム 星野リゾートトマム内

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While I don’t like to post about defunct restaurants, I do want to support the owner of the Cafe the 6BT and future endeavors, so while Cafe the 6BT will be missed, you can check out Green Kitchen at Tomamu Resort.