Travel Guide – Japan: The One about Purchasing Airline Tickets to Japan via H.I.S.

As many of you can tell from this website, I love to travel and I especially love visiting Japan.

While there are some people who strike when the iron is hot when they see social media posts of insane ticket sales going on.  I don’t like to wait until the last minute.

I like to make sure that my flight is paid for months in advance, my hotel is reserved months in advance and then focus on saving money for the other important things for my trip.

Last year, a friend told me about H.I.S., a tourism company based in New York and Los Angeles and told me about the incredible deals he had.

While part of me have been keeping with Expedia and not wanting to deal with any hassle, I decided to try H.I.S. and not only was I appreciative of the wonderful customer service, I was also extremely pleased by the prices.

As I booked my latest trip to Japan, I saved hundreds of dollars this way and surprisingly, there is no after-fee that other travel sites charge.

So, here are a few recommendations.  If you are traveling for the first time to Japan or planning to.  Just do this for now:

STEP 1: This is assuming you have your passport and also have the money available to pay for the flight.

Create a mileage card with various airline companies you think you will be traveling with.  These are free and should not cost anything.

Japan Airlines (JAL) Mileage Bank

Airline Nippon Airways (ANA) Mileage Club

American Airlines AAAdvantage

United Airlines Mileage Plus

After signing up, you will get a membership code and certain airlines do ship out free mileage cards.

STEP 2:  Visit the H.I.S. WEbsite or Contact H.I.S. @ 1-866-447-1872

While you can view flight searches from their website, I do recommend talking to them.  Let them know the day you are leaving and the date.   Let them know of airlines preference.

For example for me, Japan Airlines (JAL) or Airline Nippon Airways (ANA) are my preference.  But because you book a flight with them, doesn’t mean you will be riding on their plane because many do CODESHARES to help keep costs down and attractive for travelers.

Japan Airlines works with American Airlines and ANA works with United Airlines.  If you prefer the lowest price, they will give you the lowest price.  If you prefer to ride on a Japanese-related airline versus an American-related airline, let them know.

But ask them to send the various flight searches to you via e-mail and if you are cool with one of them, let them know you are ready to book.  Have your passport name ready, have your mileage card number ready (they will take one, not two) and have your birth date ready.

Also, be specific where you want to sit.  For me, I always want a window seat and also row not far from the bathroom, in the middle of the plane.

STEP 3: Time to Book and Pay For Your Flight

After getting everything all set, they will send you a reservation which you have to look and make sure all the information is correct, make sure your name is correct (and matches your passport) and then book.

They will then process your payment for your flight and you will receive a confirmation via Travelport and also your ticket and information via e-mail, including confirmation e-mail.

And that’s it.  Very easy to do and for the price you are paying, it’s well worth it!

Once again, check out the H.I.S. website  (or on Facebook), definitely worth it!