The One about the Diesel DZ1818 Armbar White Silicone Watch

I don’t typically wear fashion watches but when they catch my eye, it’s something I can’t resist having and wearing. For this latest review, I am reviewing DIESEL’s DZ1818 Armbar White Silicone Watch. DIESEL is an Italian fashion denim brand that was established back in 1978 and the company is developing a watch collection. The watch features a silicone case and 24mm strap, with a case diameter of 45mm and […]

The One about Kawaguchi Station in Kawaguchi, Saitama

Located in the Saitama Prefecture in the Central Kanto Region is Kawaguchi Station, a ralway station on the Keihin-Tohoku Line and is operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East). The Station opened back in September 1910 and has an average of 80,410 passengers daily (as of 2013 and is the 55th busiest station operated by JR East). When I first visited the station, it was back in January 1999, […]

The One about the Jizo Statues of Zojoji Temple

I have written about Zojoji Temple in the  past, but one thing I have not written about is the Jizo Statues. If you are planning to visit Tokyo Tower, across the street is Zojoji (or Zojo-ji) Temple and to the right of it are Jizo statues, child statues that are clothed and decorated.  But they also represent the souls of unborn children.  Those who died before birth, as well as […]

The One about Masahiro Shinoda’s “Pale Flower”

Masahiro Shinoda is one of the fine Japanese directors to emerge from the Japanese New Wave of the 1960’s. While known for films such as “Ansatsu” (“Assassination”, 1964), “Ibuno Sarutobi Sasuke” (Samurai Spy, 1965) and “Shinju-ten Amijima” (Double Suice, 1969), many fans of Shimoda feel that his masterpiece in his oeuvre is “Kawaita hana” (Pale Flower, 1964). Shinoda worked at Shochiku at the time and co-wrote “Pale Flower” along with […]

The One about the “Imaginary Threats Approaching Major Cities” Exhibit at the Tokyo City View observation deck in Roppongi

Back in November 2016, I was able to visit the “Imaginary Threats Approaching Major Cities” Exhibit for its final week at the Tokyo City View observation deck in  Roppongi in Minato Ward. Having reviewed many Kaiju films (giant monster, strange beasts) in my life, I felt the need to check out the exhibit after my visit of the Sky Deck at Tokyo City View. Gamera was created by Daiei Films […]

The One about the Monuments at Shiba Park (across the street from Zojoji Temple)

Right across the street from Zojoji Temple’s Sangedatsumon (Main Gate) is a resting area (or smoking area as that is what I see most people doing in this area) are a few monuments. While part of Shiba Park which goes around Zojoji Temple and there are much better areas to visit around the park, this area is rather interesting for its monument to the 1860 mission and Commodore Perry. One […]