The One about Tacos Los Juanes in Lemoore, California

For 2017, for a lot of small towns in California, I have been visiting a few small Mexican restaurants to try the dishes (primarily burritos) and seeing what is out there.

In Lemoore, California, I recently tried Tacos Los Juanes.  I wasn’t sure about the restaurant as it was in an older shopping complex and it looked very small, but surprisingly, once you walk inside, the restaurant looked great inside.

I ordered a chicken burrito and a chicken torta.  The torta tasted fresh and delicious, while the chicken burrito had a good grilled char and also was delicious.  Where a lot of restaurants I have been to, emphasize on rice and beans and not much chicken, Tacos Los Juanes puts a lot of chicken in the burrito and I absolutely loved that.

If you happen to be in Lemoore, California, definitely visit Los Tacos Juanes.