The One about Taqueria “La Piedad” in Avenal, California

In California, quite often when I visit small towns, I like to sample the cuisine in the area, especially Mexican dishes.

I often ask locals of what is the best authentic Mexican restaurants and with the city of Avenal having a large Latino population, the area has a few Mexican restaurants.

I decided to try Taqueria “La Piedad”, a small restaurant that was a little crowded during lunch time.

Most of the locals were watching the futbol (soccer game), while I quickly went in to see how things looked inside and it’s your typical small town restaurant.

No flashy decor, small town vibe (without looking to ’80s).  Just a place to order and get some food or place to site back and dine and the restaurant has a good number of offerings including burgers.  But I was definitely not there for the burgers, I was there to check things out and so I went for a chicken burrito.  Reasonably priced at $6.50.

For the most part, the burrito was delicious, but felt that there was more rice than chicken but perhaps that was just me expecting too much.  So, for the most part, a good balance of rice, beans and chicken with cilantro.

The burrito was delicious but looking around me, patrons were not ordering the burritos, they were going for tostadas and tacos it seemed.

But overall, the quick visit to Taqueria “La Piedad” was good and if you happen to be in the area, definitely a place worth trying.