The One about Cafe Koto in Kyoto

A familiar site for those riding the shinkansen and are leaving Kyoto Station, Cafe Kyoto is a restaurant that offers Japanese and western cuisine for those wanting to grab a bite without paying for food at the convenience store locations around the station.

The restaurant/cafe is quite busy but I was able to get in quickly and order a steak/hamburger with cheese sauce which came with a salad.  Portion was actually quite small but that was fine as I had to leave within an hour and wasn’t sure how quick their service was.

The food didn’t take too long and the restaurant took western credit cards which was a plus.

Overall, while I don’t typically eat at station restaurants, I like it to eating at a restaurant at an airport where you get small portions which are a little pricey than normal.  But considering that I would have paid more by buying multiple items from the convenience stores in the station, what I had at Cafe Kyoto was a cheaper alternative and good enough.