The One about Going Back to Narita Airport and Suffering Post-Japan Travel Withdrawal

The final day in Japan and if you are in Tokyo and leaving via Narita Airport, you can’t help but feel the sadness that your vacation has finally ended.

It’s one thing to go through check out, but this last trip was quite sad.  It was the longest I have stayed in Japan and it was the best experience I had thus far.

I accomplished so much and challenged myself to do various challenges and endure 18-mile daily walks to traveling to all Tokyo Wards during this past vacation.

And exhausted as I was, I went early to the airport (as I had to leave the hotel at 10 a.m.) and got there before noon.  So, it gave me an hour to see the airport one last time.

But as you wait to go to the Departure Room and carrying all your heavy bags and filled up carry-on, the realization starts to hit you. Jet lag, back to work/school, back to your country to retstart life, hopefully refreshed from the stress you had from life, work, school, etc.

It was a good break and then you arrive home and after you get pass the jet lag, it’s the Post-Japan Travel Withdrawal that hits you.  Wanting to be back, wanting to go on vacation and wanting to be in Japan.  Seeing photos from friends who travel months later or those who traveled to Japan recently will inspire you to not only go back but to experience other locations.

But you can’t help but suffer from post-Japan travel withdrawal.  The wanting to be back in Japan, missing the food and the experience.  PJTW is real, but don’t worry.  You’re not alone.  We know how you feel!

The only remedy, prepare for your next vacation because once you have been bitten by the travel bug, you’ll want to continue more and more!