The One about FaSoLa Cafe Coffee & Beer @ Narita Airport

After you go past the major fine restaurants at Narita Airport, as you continue to walk towards your connecting international flight, you’ll find several restaurants that are inexpensive.

One of them is FaSoLa Cafe Coffee & Beer near the connection of the main and satellite buildings in Terminal 2.  The area offers a great view of numerous aircraft and the interior is a great place to eat and relax.

FaSoLa is the largest duty free retailer at Narita Airport.  The company started in 2014 and started with 10 existing stores and now they have 80 shops including seven new stores which opened in Terminal 3 in 2015.

You can grab water, soda, coffee, beer, whiskey, cocktails and a wide selection of meals.

After a lot of waiting at Narita Airport and waiting to get into Terminal 2, finding FaSoLa Cafe was quite pleasant because I could use up all the yen coins I still had with me.  And needed to use them up, as I didn’t want to carry that many coins with me back to the U.S.

I ended up ordering a pizza and like all Japanese pizza I have eaten in Japan, you’ll often find corn on it.  And I ordered a side of garlic potatoes, which were delicious.

And I ordered orange juice and Fuji Mineral Water and it didn’t cost that much at all.  Considering how much I end up spending at the LAX domestic terminal for a bottle of water and a half of a turkey sandwich (which is like $20), I feel that Narita Airport offers much more of a better deal at their restaurants and shops and FaSoLa Cafe Coffee & Beer is no exception.

If you are wanting inexpensive comfort western food with a Japanese twist, give FaSoLa Cafe Coffee & Beer at Narita Airport a try!