The One about Nagoya Dome

In 1997, Nagoya Dome made its debut.  Created as a headquarter for the Chunichi Dragons baseball team, the stadium can hold 38,414 people (officially 40,500).

The inside of the stadium is short pile artificial turf and as a stadium that isn’t too old, it’s one of the more comfortable stadiums that has a good number of beverage and food stations.

While the stadium doesn’t have a large shopping complex compared to Tokyo Dome which has a shopping center and amusement park, in some ways it reminded me of Yokohama Stadium (with the team and individual players throughout the stadium) but you have access to more shopping sections, including the official store not far from the stadium and right near Doala Cafe (across from the stadium) is the Prisma Club store that showcases all NPB team merchandise and a Curry House Coco Ichiban restaurnt.  A small distance away is the Aeon Mall.

But for the NPB fan, Nagoya Dome is great to catch a Chunichi Dragons game and also for those in the area, great place to catch a concert.

And for NPB fans, great place to access NPB merchandise!