The One about My New York Yankees Shrine, Part 1

When it comes to sports, if there was one team I show my strong affinity of fandom, it would be the New York Yankees.

My home office is literally displaying my love for the New York Yankees.

Was I always a New York Yankees fan growing up?  Growing up as a child in California, our exposure to baseball was Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco Giants, the Oakland Athletics or San Diego Padres fans.

My dad was a diehard Bay Area fan, I literally opposed everything my father liked.  He loved the A’s, so I picked the Dodgers.  He loved the Raiders, I loved the Dallas Cowboys.  With the exception of the Los Angeles Lakers that I couldn’t oppose, as I grew up loving the team.

Yet my grandmother would purchase me clothing of teams I never liked for my birthday.  A Pittsburgh Steelers jacket and for baseball, a New York Mets baseball helmet.

While still a child, what ended my fandom for the Dodgers would have to be my aunt.  My aunt loved Los Angeles Dodgers Steve Sax and would chime on about him over and over and it was to the point of me starting to not like the Dodgers and by the end of the World Series 1981, where the Dodgers would beat the New York Yankees in the World Series, inside I was rooting for the New York Yankees.

Was it because of my aunt?  Or was it because my mad respect for David Winfield in the ’80s or Chris Chambliss home run during the 1976 ACLS.

I became a Yankees fan, in California, where all my family and friends are fans of California teams.  So, it’s always an interesting experience going to a California game where my Yankees are playing.  Or going to an event sporting a Yankees jersey here in California.

But my love for the Yankees has always been there, through the years of bad, the years of good, the year of heartbreak, the year of excitement, my Yankees know how to bring out all sorts of emotions.  But that is the life of a sports fan!

As far as my Yankees Shrine is involved, here is part 1 of what is in my shrine:

During the 1961 homerun race, Red Sox pitcher Tracy Stallard threw the pitch that would give Roger Maris his 61st home run. The following is an autograph from Tracy Stallard.

During the 1961 homerun race, New York Mets Jack Fisher threw the pitch that would give Roger Maris his 60th home run (September 26, 1961). Featuring Jack Fisher’s autograph.

Frank Crosetti autograph of the legendary shortstop with a future hall-of-famer, Derek Jeter plus a Renato Galasso reprint of the 1933 Frank Crosetti card and Upper Deck Frank Crosetti card.

Stan “Bahnsen Burner” Bahnsen autograph with a photo of him and Yankees catcher Thurman Munson.

Chris Chambliss 1976 ALCS Walk Off HR with autograph.

Autograph by Phil “Scooter” Rizutto.