The One about Nagoya Station

Since 1886, Nagoya Station has been in operation.

One of the world’s largest train stations that was bombed during World War II and then rebuilt to now feature two JR Central Towers (and happens to be the headquarters of the Central Japan Railway Company – JR Central), it’s one of the locations to visit ala Tokaido Shinkansen from Tokyo or coming south from the Kansai region.

JR Central Towers Photo by kinpi3

The JR Central Towers (Nagoya’s Twin Towers) were completed back in 1999.  One of the large buildings in the city of Nagoya.  While inside the station, one of the most popular meeting spots is the “Kin no Tokei” (gold clock).

The location has restaurants and department stores inside, including the Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel.

And for Japanese baseball fans, it’s a station that shows its love and passion for their local NPB team, the Chunichi Dragons.

But one of the cool things about where Nagoya Station is located is that it’s close to many major locations.  Nagoya Castle is in the northeast, Nagoya Dome, Oasis21, Sunshine Sakae and the Nagoya City Science Museum is in the west and really, there are a lot of restaurants and shops right near the station.

It’s incredible to see how much Nagoya Station has changed since its earlier years.  It’s definitely a huge station!

So, if you ever have the opportunity, definitely visit Nagoya and enjoy all that Nagoya Station has to offer.