The One about Sakanaya Oasis 21 in Nagoya

For those who happen to be visiting the Oasis 21 shopping district in Nagoya, and are craving seafood, will want to check out Sakanaya Oasis 21.

I went with my friend Hiroshi to check out the place and we never heard of the place before but we figured, let’s give the place a try.  Also, he was insistent that because we were in Nagoya, I had to eat “Misokatsu” (tonkatsu eaten with hatchomiso sauce).

Because we went during lunch time, there was a short wait but for the most part, the staff was friendly and we got our seats in less than ten minutes.

As we ordered our food, we decided to get the misokatsu  (fillet cutlet) and the fried tuna set.

It didn’t take too long to get our food, standard about 15-minutes or so, so not too long of a wait.

Because I had nothing to compare this dish with, I felt it was good, especially the misokatsu.  The fried tuna I thought it was ok, nothing that floored me over.

Hiroshi on the other hand felt he had much better, so I would go with his assessment and I see people feel the same way on Tabelog. But I am fully aware that for misokatsu, in Nagoya, people swear by going to Misokatsu Yabaton.  But because I wanted to see many areas around Nagoya Castle, Oasis 21 and Sakae, I’ll probably try Misokatsu Yabaton on my next trip to Nagoya.

But overall, Sakanaya Oasis 21 is an averaged priced location for those wanting  to seafood and also non-seafood dishes and happen to be in the Oasis 21 area.  I see the place as comfort Japanese food worth trying!