The One about the Sushi Dai Challenge

I wrote about Sushi Dai at Tsukiji and how the restaurant is one of the popular, must-go destinations for sushi enthusiasts.  And for those who are unable to bare the wait, they end up going to Daiwa Sushi or another sushi restaurant.

But I had the sudden urge to document my experience at Sushi Dai and I actually wanted to do it in 2015 but I gave up.

This feeling of not completing the Sushi Dai Challenge hung over me for the past year.  In fact, it would irk me for over a year.

So, when I visited Tsukiji once again, I was determined to accomplishing the challenge.

So, how was the experience and did I succeed in this latest challenge?  You’ll need to watch and find out…

But do you have what it takes to pass the Sushi Dai Challenge?  It’s no doubt a challenge of patience.  A challenge of stamina.  And a challenge of your bladder.

Are you up for the challenge?