The One about Shirohatatsukashiseki Park in Adachi

If you are ever in Adachi and near Takenotsuka Station, located nearby in a residential area, is a historical park known as Shirahatazuka Historical Sites Park (Shirohatatsukashiseki Park).

Around the area, ruins have been excavated in various mounds.  But the park is known as the place Minamoto no Yoriyoshi and his son Minamoto no Yoshiie put a white flag up to repress the rebellion of the Abe family.

In Japanese history, Minamoto no Yoriyoshi was the head of Japan’s Minamoto clan, one of the four great clans that dominated Japan politics back in the Heian period (the other three were the Fujiwara, Taira and Tachibana families).

Back then, the Abe clan led by Abe no Yoritoki (who oversaw the Ainu), levied taxes and confiscated property on his own, and didn’t listen to the province’s governor.  The governor requested help and Minamoto no Yoriyoshi was appointed both Governor and commander-in-chief over the Emishii natives.  He and his son, Yoshiie (only 15-years-old at the time), were sent to the area to stop Abe.

And this would lead to a nine year war (it was actually 12 years total but without the peace time and ceasefires, it would be total of nine years) and this battle, his son Yoshiee would establish himself as a man of samurai skill and bravery and would be known as Japan’s greatest warrior.

While the park is small and probably would not make one want to travel far to reach this area, for historical buffs or those in the area who want to explore the location may find Shirohatatsukashiseki Park worth visiting.  But for locals, a peaceful park to hang out at.