The One about Robson Fries in Shimokitazawa

As America has “French Fries”, Japan has “Potatoes”.  But have you heard of Robson Fries?

Robson Fries are inspired by fries from Canada but with a Japanese style and can be found in the trendy area of Shimokitazawa in the Setagaya ward of Tokyo.

In America, we are used to seeing fries fried in oil.  At Robson Fries, their fries are made with 100% rice oil to lower cholesterol and made with 0% transfat, the company has prided themselves of trying to have fries that are healthier than other fries sold at fast food restaurants.  But of course, it’s the toppings that make Robson Fries quite popular.

Robson Fries brings the Canadian style of fries with gravy or cheese.  And you can get fries with roast beef, sausage, meatballs, jalapeno peppers, mushrooms and for the kids, even fries topped with popcorn chicken.

Regular size is under $6 (ranging from Y500-Y600), while a large size is under $7 (ranging from Y600-Y700).  Get a Canadian size for an extra Y300 (larger portion i.e. double size) and add a drink such as tea, soda to beer and vodka.

Want more than just fries?  You can get their salad, crab dip, chicken wings or bacon bananas.

And depending on the season, you may find special seasonal items or beverages offered.

While Tokyo has many places to get fries, there is only one Robson Fries and it’s in Shimokitazawa.  Check it out!

Food Photo source: Robson Fries website