The One about Shimokitazawa

Back in 1927, when Shimokitazawa Station was built, the area around it, was chosen to become a commercial district.

Located in Kitazawa, a city in the Setagaya prefecture, Shimokitazawa is a commercial, entertainment neighborhood known for attracting people with its restaurants and shops and the area also serves as the home to the historic Honda Gekijō theater.

Similar to Ura-Harajuku, where automobiles are restricted and small shops are seen all around, Shimokitazawa is best known for vintage clothing and its music outlets and establishing itself as a hip, vibrant area to visit.

Shimokitazawa is no doubt a place that is different from its Futako Tamagawa District as the focus is not about luxry high fashion or technology, if anything, its an area that caters to those wanting good food and vintage clothing.

It’s a place where budding music artists go to promote their music, it’s a place for those wanting to experience cafe and restaurants and if anything, great for second hand clothes and accessories.

Definitely a place worth hanging out at!