The One about Tsutaya Electrics in Setagaya

The Tamagawa area in Setagaya is quickly becoming a hot location for shopping.

And at the large Futaka Tamagawa shopping area, one can find Tsutaya Electrics.

The location sounds like an electrical home appliance store but it’s actually a lifestyle shopping center.   The first floor, you can find various things for sale such as home appliance, photography center, 4K television store, chairs, tables but also art, music, mobile phones, stationary and books (only design, professional lifestyle and travel books are sold) and inside, one can find a Starbucks, a Famima!! Convenience Store, a Motovelo Bike Store and more.

The second floor features an Arflex home furnishing center, Bang & Olufsen store, Solso Home (which sells plants and garden decor), a Good Meals cafe, Bornelund import toy shop, a Cu by Uka beauty salon, a beauty care shop, a wellness shop, food and cooking shop, Living store (a/c, vacuum cleaners, washing machines and more) and another book shop which specializes in fashion, cuisine, living (architecture, home, garden, photography) and more.

For those that live outside of Japan, the location offers a tax free shop.  But you need to show your original passport, purchased items and show a credit card and passport with a name that matches (corporate credit cards are not accepted) and can only be done on the day of purchase and one must purchase Y5,401 yen.

Overall, the Futako Tamagawa area is one of my favorite shopping areas in Tokyo and it may appeal to a more middle to upperclass lifestyle but Tsutaya Electrics is definitely a shopping area worth visiting!