The One about Nishiarai Daishi Komyoden in Adachi

I posted about the late and wonderful Nishiarai Daishi temple in Adachi Ward in Tokyo.

But as you leave Nishiarai Daishi temple and pass the shops and head towards Daishimae Station, you will run into another temple looking structure.

That structure next door to the station is known as the Nishiarai Daishi Komyoden and where ceremonies are held.

This location is popular for the “Darumo Kuyo” ceremony in which people bring their old daruma figures once a year in February and they express gratitude to them and buy new ones for the next one year.  Thousands of older daruma dolls are collected and then lit in fire and burned by the monks.

The ceremony has been around dating back to 826, the event has been held in the Adachi area since 1954.

While I went to the area before February 2017, I was able to walk in and see what is near the Komyoden area.

The area is quite serene, simple but yet I found it to be calm.  I was also quite enamored by the trees/bush with the the very thin trunk/stems.  But it makes a convenient spot as Nishiarai Daishi is a small walk, so easy for people to come and visit if they are heading to Daishimae Station.

But overall, a pleasing location right next door to the station and I feel it’s worth the visit!