The One about Kon Ichikawa’s “Alone Across the Pacific”

In 1962, a yachtsman named Kenichi Horie rose to prominence when he illegally sailed across the Pacific Ocean from Nishinomiya, Japan to San Francisco, California. It was a different time back in 1962 as postwar-Japan had strict rules on its citizens sailing but for three months, but no Japanese has attempted to sail that far but for Horie, it was an obsession, a goal that he had to make happen.  […]

The One about Green Mountain Coffee’s Kenya Medium Roast Coffee K-Cups

As I have written about Green Mountain Coffee K-Cups in previous posts, I am now reviewing Green Mountain Coffee’s popular Kenya K-Cups. Voted by many as a top K-Cup for its flavor, Green Mountain Coffee Kenya (formerly Kenyan AA) is medium roast coffee that barista and coffee enthusiasts have proclaimed as the best K-Cup available (note: Kenya AA was what many proclaimed as the best). The Kenya is not made […]