The One about Saying RIP to David Shepard

The announcements of David Shepard’s passing came as a big surprise on Tuesday.

For many of us who watch silent films, especially silent comedies and have seen the restoration and film preservation work of David Shepard, many of us know how much he put his life into preserving classic films but most importantly, how his work has entertained a countless number of people.  Work that will no doubt entertain people for generations to come.

Many of us corresponded with David and not only was he intelligent, generous and will always make you laugh, the loss of David Shepard is truly saddening.  Because we lost someone who was not only a major voice of silent films, a person who knew so much of silent film’s history but also a person that just didn’t talk the talk, he showed us through action of how passionate he was in preserving these classic, forgotten silent shorts and films.

And often sharing films in his collection with other silent film fans and film festivals.  As he wanted as many silent shorts and films to be seen by the public.

He was a major force, when so many other companies either didn’t care or didn’t care enough to do things right.

And because of his efforts, silent films of yesterday, are now available for viewing for today’s audience but also generations to come.

RIP David Shepard.  We’ll miss you!