The One about Nakahara Hachiman Shrine in Katsushika

Not far from Aoto Station in Katsushika, Tokyo is one of the older shrines in the area.

Located in a residential area, Nakahara Hachiman Shrine is estimated to be built in the early Edo Period (possibly in 1811) and would serve as the guardian for what was known as Nakahara Village.

While the shrine was renovated in 1980 and continues to be a well-visited small shrine in the area (considering their are many other smaller shrines in the near vicinity).  Similar to some shrines such as areas like Yanaka, these area within Aoto Station is cool to visit and walk around for shops, shrines and seeing life around a region farther from the tall buildings.

If you are near Aoto Station and want to explore the area, definitely visit Nakahara Hachiman Shrine in Katsushika.