The One about Green Mountain Coffee Sumatran Reserve Dark Roast K-Cup

Having gone into the history of Green Mountain Coffee in a previous blog post, this morning’s coffee that I am enjoying is their Fair Trade Certified Organic, Sumatran Reserve Dark Roast Coffee.

Sumatra is a large island in western Indonesia and is the largest island that is entirely in Indonesia and the sixth largest island in the world.

The location is exotic and is known for its wide range of plant and animal species but in the last 35 years, has lost 50% of its tropical rainforest due to deforestation.  And because of large-scale burning, it has produced a haze, so badly in 2013 that it affected Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Southern Thailand, increasing record high levels of pollution in Singapore and parts of Malaysia.

And while Sumatra still faces a crisis with deforestation, the island is still known as one of the world’s most exotic coffee destinations.

Green Mountain Coffee’s Sumatran Reserve Coffee is dark and bold and does not have a strong aftertaste.

Because of its dark roast, acidity is much lower and it’s one of Green Mountain Coffee’s goto coffee’s for those who enjoy coffee like Jet Fuel that need a pick me up in the mornings.  I don’t taste any burned aftertaste which is good.

But I have heard from Keurig purists that claim that the original “Sumatra” coffee was much better.  Many say that “Sumatran Reserve” is much lighter and has a strong aftertaste.

I haven’t tried the original, but I didn’t feel there was a strong aftertaste nor did I feel it was too bitter.  But I do drink my coffee with creamer, not straight-up, so I can’t really comment of drinking it as is.

But the Green Mountain Coffee Sumatran Reserve Dark Roast Coffee K-Cups are possibly in my top five K-Cups, definitely in my top ten of K-Cups.  So, no doubt, this is one that is subjective to the coffee drinker.  Just remember, this is dark roast, if you don’t like it bold, stay with a medium roast!

Let me know what you think!