The One about BEAMS

Many iconic fashion brands are well-known of being from America or Europe and a few from Asia.

And while Japan is known for its electronics, video games, sportswear and footwear, and for some brands, its clothingwear.

But one major Japanese clothing brand that is huge in Japan and slowly starting to get people to take notice internationally is BEAMS.

BEAMS is a Japanese clothing brand that was first established back in 1976 in the Harajuku district of Shibuya, Tokyo.

With stores throughout Japan, each location targets different demographics and BEAMS has a variety of labels:

  • BEAMS – The BEAMS brand focuses on men’s casual clothing with the theme of “BASIC & EXCITING”
  • BEAMS+ focuses on men’s casual clothing that can last forever
  • BEAMS F focuses on comfort, casual clothing for adults
  • Brilla per il gusto is luxury clothing for men
  • Ray Beams focuses on women’s chic clothing for the season
  • Beamsboy focuses on clothes for women who have a desire for wearing men’s style of casual clothing
  • Demilux Beams focuses on women who are into modern style for work and at home.
  • Effe Beams focuses on women who yearn for quality clothing for the “Balanced Female”
  • International Gallery Beams is for those who have a international tastes
  • Beams Lights are daily wear for men and women with the theme of “journey”
  • Beams T is art graphic t-shirts
  • BEAMSGOLF is golf fashion style
  • Kodomo Beams (Children’s Beams) is clothing for children
  • Merrier Beams is for women who need maternity wear
  • BPr beams is for products to be used in the home
  • Fenica is “a bridge between design and craft” and combines tradional Japanese crafts of old and new
  • Beaming by Beaming is modern fashion and lifestyle for men, women and children of all ages
  • B Mark Yoshida is a collaboration between Yoshida Bagan and BEAMS
  • Mamitas is a collaboration with singer Shoko Nakagawa
  • Bill Wall Leather is a jewelry brand in Malibu, California
  • VAPORIZE is a collaboration with Smashing Pumpkins member James Iha
  • Pilgrim surf + supply focuses on outdoor activities in nature and urban life.
  • Beams Record is a music shop that focuses on timeless music and evergreen music.
  • Carolina Gracer is a collaboration with singer/designer MEG.
  • Tokyo Culture at BEAMS is a art and design shop
  • Vermeerist Beams – The happiness of wearing clothes
  • Beams Heart/Beams Mini – Fresh Basic Style
  • B Gallery – Art Gallery
  • BEAMS JAPAN – Food, goods, fashion, collaboration, culture, art and craft.

While BEAMS clothing is sold primarily in Japan, they do have a global English news site, Beams+ clothing can be found on Mr. Porter and the BEAMS books, which I absolute love can be purchased from Amazon Japan.

If you ever want to delve into Japanese fashion, definitely visit a BEAMS store.