The One about Kicking Back at the Ikegami Kaikan Observation Deck in Ota

Many people go to Ikegami Kaikan (a four-floor government building right next to the big temple – Ikegami Honmonji) for meetings, the music hall, for exhibits, seminars, classes or just to hang out.

But right on top of the building in the observation deck is just pure serenity.

Overlook Tokyo, to be specific, Ota Ward, it’s a breathtaking view that one can just sit back and take in and enjoy.

Overhead shot by MHS:

While some people may find it creepy to have such a location right next to a cemetery, it’s a different cultural perspective as in the United States, no one wants to live near a cemetery but in Japan, it’s a country that annually honors its dead.  And with the many plethora of temples around the area and it helps that the huge Ikegami Honmonji temple is right next to it, the Ikegami Kaikan building is just a walk away and worth visiting.

But if you are there during the day, have a walk up the stairs and go up to the observation deck of the building and enjoy the scenery of Ikegami Kaikan.