The One about Moriva Coffee

In the Kanto region and Nagoya, Moriva Coffee owned by Zensho Holdings, is a company that prides itself as a “Fair Trade Cafe” for selling delicious coffee beans from Kilimanjaro, East Timor, Mexico and Rwanda.

The company purchases coffee and tea from farmers in developing countries for a fair price and helps support the economic develop of the country by doing so.

Moriva Coffee offers coffee to their customers from countries they visit and also check for safety and quality of coffee beans.

From analyzing soil and water sources, pesticides and chemical fertilizers in the farmland, prior to a shipment, Moriva Coffee conducts a residual pesticide test and send coffee beans that have passed the test.

Japanese staff visit the country’s sites frequently to check the quality and make sure that the quality of the coffee is not influenced by market price and have gone as far to contribute socially in places likes Tanzania, where the UMATI: Tanzania Family Planning Association was created to promote maternal and child health programs such as vaccination and health education.

Aside from the hot and ice coffee that can be ordered, Moriva Coffee, similar to other coffee cafe’s offer sandwiches such as their 5-cheese gratin sandwich, avocado chicken sandwich, spicy pastrami and ham and cheese sandwich for Y500.  Small calione ala Italian sausage or bacon and tomato.

Also, morning sets with coffee such as ham and cheese, thick cut toasts, Chicken Caesar sandwich, ham and egg sandwiches and more.

And once you are done, you can also order a Belgian chocolate cream cake or Mont Blanc cup cake, milk crepe, bakes cheesecake or Chiffon.  Or you can order their variety of donuts offered.

And of course, it’s not all coffee, you can get orange juice, Peruvian cocoa latte, ice milk, Uji green tea, my favorite the Ice Royal Milk Tea and more.

I wish I had more to try the different coffee but I was constantly in the move that I only was there for a quick morning set.

But I look forward to visiting Moriva Coffee again!