The One about the Savora 15-inch Acacia Wood Serving Chamfer Bowl

Prior to receiving this Savora 15-inch Acacia Wood Bowl, there are a number of things that went through my mind. One, is 15-inch too large and why does this bowl cost so much? I was no doubt curious. So, let’s take a look at Savora’s 15-inch Acacia Wood Serving Chamfer Bowl. A. UNBOXING The Savora Acacia Wood Salad serving bowl comes in pretty big box. Along the lines of the […]

The One about Green Mountain Coffee Sumatran Reserve Dark Roast K-Cup

Having gone into the history of Green Mountain Coffee in a previous blog post, this morning’s coffee that I am enjoying is their Fair Trade Certified Organic, Sumatran Reserve Dark Roast Coffee. Sumatra is a large island in western Indonesia and is the largest island that is entirely in Indonesia and the sixth largest island in the world. The location is exotic and is known for its wide range of […]

The One about My Vegetable Garden Plans for 2017

This year, California has received so much rain that it has helped alleviate our drought problem. But still, we need to practice safe watering because we are not necessarily out of the woods yet.  And that means, I will need to find other means of having a vegetable garden. For the past few years, I avoided doing any gardening because of the drought and that the type of gardening I […]

The One about Wor(l)d Wear’s HELO Classic

Several companies try to improve from FitBit’s basic design and offer more features and one company, Wor(l)d Wear (a division of Wor(l)d GN) has released a product that offers much more than the cheaper wearable technology and it’s known as HELO, a wearable technology that is called “the first Health and Lifestyle Oracle”. HELO was designed by Antonio De Rosa, SVP Marketing and Communication and engineered by Alfonso Cioffi, SVP […]

The One about Toyota’s theme park, MEGA WEB Part 2

As I discussed visiting Toyota’s amusement park, Mega Web in Odaiba, Japan, in a previous blog post, I focused on the exterior of the building but not what’s inside. So, as I visited Mega Web once again, I figured why not show you the interior in two parts.  One featuring their modern cars and the second, which I will showcase their classic cars museum a.k.a. “History Garage” (saving for another […]

The One about Ralph Lauren’s Double RL Store in Omotesando

Ralph Lauren is an American brand that continues to attract people all over the world. From its inception back in 1967 by American designer Ralph Lauren and a company that once specialized only in men’s ties, Lauren’s interest in sports would lead him to create a menswear line which he named “Polo” in 1968. And as Ralph Lauren has various brands which include the Purple Label, Polo Ralph Lauren, Polo […]

The One about Making Insalata Caprese (and what if you can’t find fresh or Buffalo mozzarella?)

I absolutely love Caprese salad. Caprese meaning in Italian “Salad of Capri” and originated from a little island off the coast of naples.  It’s a simple dish with wonderful flavors which typically is made of sliced fresh mozzarella (if you can find fresh mozzarella, especially Buffalo mozarrela, then that’s great), tomatoes, green basil and salt with olive oil. It’s very simple but not everyone is going to find the freshest […]

The One about Growing your Own Celery and Green Onions/Scallions

When you read things like… “Never buy celery ever again” or “Never buy green onions/scallions again”. As I tend to use these vegetable for dishes (or eat my celery with almond butter), it caught my attention. Celery As I eat celery M-F and go through a bag quite quickly, I like the idea of having a sustaining source of celery. So, as a test, I did try growing celery indoors […]