The One about Christmas in Japan

On November 1st in Japan, the day after Halloween, Japan immediately goes into Christmas mode. By mid-November, major locations start to become key areas boasting “illumination” (this is a term you will see often in Japan to describe the many lights you see). Walking by a KFC, you will see Colonel Sanders in a Santa Outfit (Kentucky Fried Chicken has become a Christmas tradition for many families) and if anything, […]

The One about Pancontomate Pasta House in Shimokitazawa

In several cities in Tokyo, one can find a Pancontomate Pasta House restaurant. A chain of Italian-inspired restaurants which opened in Japan back in 1981 and known for their 2.5mm noodles.  But the name “Pan Con Tomate” is actually a simple Spanish snack which is a Spanish-style toast with olive oil, garlic on bread with ripe grated tomatoes and a sprinkle of sea salt. Popular for their Italian dishes, one […]

The One about Omori Bellport in Shinagawa

Located in Minamioi, Shinagawa is the commercial complex known as Omori Bellport. Built in 1996, the 18-floor building is the official headquarters for Isuzu Motors and the name is derived from the bell of Isuzu. The complex is known for its lavish interior and inside one can find restaurants, office spaces and also event spaces. Also, included inside the building is where Hitachi, Panaspnic Electronics, Bausch & Lomb Japan.  While […]

The One about Awesome Customer Service in Japan Pt. 1 – Doutor

The number of positive things I can write about Japan, the wonderful people I came in contact with to the customer service I have received where employees really made your day feel wonderful, there are just so many instances that it’s hard to keep count. But one such instance that happened not long ago is when I went to a Doutor restaurant in Katsushika, Tokyo, Japan. That day, I had […]

The One about Marco Ferreri’s “Dillinger is Dead”

I make a film that will be seen and appreciated by the thousand of people I probably hate the most.  I want to make a film in truly bad taste!” – Marco Ferreri Marco Ferreri, the Italian filmmaker who many looked at as a rebellious director that some looked at as innovative, non-compromising, intelligent but also  controversial, provocative and a man who could care less of what people thought about […]

The One about San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee – Fog Chaser – OneCup

When it comes to the coffee industry, one of the great success stories revolves around the Rogers Family. Back in 1980, Big Jon and Barbara Rogers took over a bankrupt business known as San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee. Keeping it within the family, the Rogers Family would grow their local coffee roasting company into a worldwide coffee roasting and distributing powerhouse. Fastforward to 2016, the Rogers family continues to keep […]

Travel Guide – Japan: The One about Getting Gas for your Car in Japan

For those who are planning to travel and drive in Japan, one may see quite a number of gas stations that may resemble your gas station in your country. For those in the United States, one may look at the sign and think its similar to the three tiers of gas from regular ’87 and up.  But it’s a little different Japan. One thing I must first explain is that […]

The One about Revisiting Asakusa Kaminarimon Clover Cafe

It has been a year since I last visited Clover Cafe in Asakusa. But with the popularity of the cafe’s animal designs on their coffee, the signs are now heavily promoting “Doubutsu Cappuccino” and of course, the cafe’s popular chiffon cake. With this latest visit, I wanted to try something different but most of all, take photos inside the establishment, which I wish I did last year. But most importantly, […]