The One about the LectroFan Micro Sound Machine

If I can describe this small LectroFan sound machine in one word, it would be “AWESOME!”.

It’s one thing for the LectroFan Micro Sound Machine to be a portable Bluetooth speaker, which is common these days. But where the major selling point of the LectroFan is the fact that aside from being a Bluetooth Speaker, it’s also a sound machine for those who need sounds while sleeping.

According to LectroSound:

The micro has 10 unique non looping sounds including five different fan sounds, four white noises, and an ocean soundstory. The sounds can be personalized with the ability to precisely select the volume from a whisper to significantly louder than a mechanical fan. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 16 hours while playing its built-in sounds and 6 hours while streaming audio via Bluetooth.

This is important for me because I travel a lot. Typically in every hotel I visit, I need to bump up the A/C in order to drown out sounds. Even at home, I have to have my Vornado fan on when I sleep.

I can’t sleep if I start out hearing my dog panting, the ice machine of the fridge going on, crickets or sirens or airplanes flying above, I need something that gives me a fan sound and also when I was in college, I would purchase the sound of the beach on tape that would play in the background to help me get to sleep. Anything to distract me from noises that keep me awake.

But the LectroFan is something that worked perfectly. I can’t describe of how happy I was to see the various sounds and the volume of how high I can go, let alone the quality of the sounds coming from this small device. I was very impressed!

It’s fairly easy to use, button for power, button for volume and button to cycle through sounds.

And the fact that it’s small and I can take it with me in my carryon and I have already used it with a backup battery plugged in to recharge it and play it while I sleep, it’s what I needed. No more having to wear headphones, no more needing an audio player as this device is the sound machine that I desperately need.

It’s important to note that the accompanying USB cable is short, but if you own an Android micro USB phone cord or have a longer Micro USB or a USB extension cord, you can use that with this device.

Also, for those who work in an environment where you need to use a sound machine to drown out sounds in order to keep privacy with your clients, this device is perfect and its portable, so no more of those old school sound machines that you had to plug in to your extension cord.

It’s important to note that LectroFan does offer their original sound machine without Bluetooth capabilities but offers more sounds and it’s about $15 more.

Overall, for those needing a sound machine with sounds that really do work as a sleep aid, I highly recommend the LectroFan Micro Sound Machine!