The One about Pancontomate Pasta House in Shimokitazawa

In several cities in Tokyo, one can find a Pancontomate Pasta House restaurant.

A chain of Italian-inspired restaurants which opened in Japan back in 1981 and known for their 2.5mm noodles.  But the name “Pan Con Tomate” is actually a simple Spanish snack which is a Spanish-style toast with olive oil, garlic on bread with ripe grated tomatoes and a sprinkle of sea salt.

Popular for their Italian dishes, one of the things I wanted to do during my trip in Tokyo was to have a plate of squid ink spaghetti (ikasumi spaghetti), a dish that I first had in Tokyo back in 1999.

And I absolutely loved it!  In fact, it reminded me of my mother’s adobong pusit (squid adobo) which I used to eat a lot as a child and often try to see if Filipino restaurants serve it.  But since having ikasumi spaghetti, I couldn’t wait to head out to Shimokitazawa and give it a try.

The first thing you notice about Pancontomate Pasta House is that it incorporates a mix of the eclectic, vintage Shimokitazawa style and neighborhood Italian restaurant sensibility.

Jazz music playing in the background and for the most part, it’s a convenient restaurant which you can be with friends and family, to dine and have long conversations.

One thing that I did notice is the large variety of spaghetti offered by the restaurant and pretty much a large selection of food.  For some restaurants, having too much is overkill but for those who want to experience different styles of pasta cuisine, especially other Italian cuisine, may find Pancontomate Pasta House to their liking.

I happen to enjoy the food, the atmosphere and the customer service at this restaurant was fantastic.

I was quite pleased with my ikasumi spaghetti.  While one restaurant that I went to, had a little more of a garlic-taste, the ikasumi spaghetti at Pancontomate Pasta House featured good texture, very good taste of the squid ink and not heavy on garlic flavor.  Plating was very good and clean and for the most part, I had a very experience at this restaurant and will definitely try it again.

If you are in the Shimokitazawa area, definitely give Pancontomate Pasta House a try!