The One about Alan Thicke & “Growing Pains”

Alan Thicke’s sudden death has shocked Hollywood.

As Florence Henderson of the “Brady Bunch” was known as America‘s favorite TV mom, there is no doubt that many looked at Alan Thicke as one of America’s favorite TV dads.

As Dr. Jason Seaver on “Growing Pains”, he was a dad that used his psychiatric skills to help people, to deal with problems with his family (and yes, his TV wife, Maggie Seaver, played by Joanna Kerns, is another favorite TV mom), it’s a father figure that many people watched on television and connected with.

One must remember that the Generation X crowd is a generation known for being a latchkey generation, as both parents worked and it was a time when parents felt comfortable leaving their older children home.

Men and women were pursuing careers, husband and wives were working adults in the family. “Growing Pains” was a series that showcased the atmosphere of the time as both Jason and Maggie juggled parenthood with careers but most importantly, despite how busy they were, they showed their children that they were loved and they would be there for them.

The Seaver’s were America’s beloved family.  A family that was much different than the Brady Bunch, a family that had its struggles but yet found a way to overcome those challenges may it be personal or professional.  Americans, old and young gravitated to this show because it was not just a feel-good sitcom, it was a television show that gave us hope, happiness and laughter.

Alan Thicke, was a man who was dedicated to his family along with his career as an actor and songwriter.

Within these past few weeks, mostly everything you saw in regards to Alan Thicke was positive.  May it be time with his wife and child, time with people he appeared on television with, this was a man that was loved and respected.

RIP Alan Thicke and my condolences to his family and loved ones.