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For Bay Area locals, especially in Berkeley, California, Peet’s Coffee & Tea is well-known.

Founded by Alfred Peet in 1966, Peet’s Coffee & Tea is best known for introducing darker roasted arabica coffee such as French roast and established grades for espresso drinks to the Bay Area and also for US coffee retailing, for both freshly roasted beans and in-stored brewed coffee.

So popular at the time, the three founders of Starbucks went to Peet’s while studying at the University of San Francisco and back in 1971, Starbucks bought its beans directly from Peet’s for their first year.

Alfred Peet sold his business in 1979, but in 1984, Jerry Baldwin, one of the founders of Starbuck’s, co-owner Jim Reynols and a group of investors bought the four Peet’s locations.  And Baldwin would go on to focus on Peet’s and he and the Peet’s owners sold the Starbucks chain in 1987.

In 2007, Peet’s opened a roasting plant in Alameda and in 2012, Peet’s was acquired for $974 million.  In 2014, Peet’s acquired Mighty Leaf Tea, a Bay Area specialty tea brand.

As Peet’s Coffee is available via K-Cups, I decided to give Peet’s Coffee Brazil Minas Naturais Medium Roast a try.

Made from 100% Arabica Coffee, according to Peet’s Coffee, they select Brazil’s finest beans from the region of Minas Gerais, preferring those known as “naturals”.  By this method, their favorite fazendas (farms) dry whole coffee cherries in the warm Brazilian sun, imbuing the beans with a sumptuous sweetness of custard and a glaze of sweet chocolate.

Tasting this coffee, one should taste the smooth, full-bodied and sun-dried sweet with natural notes of hazelnut.

I absolute love this coffee and with my creamer, I love how the undertones come through.

For those who prefer more hints of toffee may want to check out Peet’s Cafe Domingo Medium Roast.

But so far, Peet’s Coffee Brazil Minas Naturais Medium Roast Coffee is in my top 3 list of K-Cups.

Delicious and recommended!