The One about the Convenience Store Crepes vs. the Real Thing


Tokyo is known for its plethora of crepe restaurants.

Find them all over Harajuku, find them at an indoor shopping center, crepes and even more crepes attract many people, young and old, local or out of the country, people want their fill of crepes in Japan.

And thanks to the many offerings, these crepe shops manage to attract customers daily.

And as Y500-Y600 for a crepe is common place in Japan.  If you are going to a convenience store (konbini, conbini) such as 7-11, Lawson, Family Mart, Sunkus, etc., more than often, you’ll find yourself wanting to eat cheap or to rid of the many coins of yen that you have been wanting to get rid of.  And as you buy a drink and you are looking for something under Y200, what best than to try the various delicacies a convenience store has to offer.

For those in the U.S., 7-11 in Japan is nothing like 7-11 in the US with its many pre-packaged goods, you can find really great meals in Japan for a great price and as for sweets, there is a dedication to what is being served there from various breads and more and they are also inexpensive.

So, let’s take a look at a few crepes sold at a convenience store.  And prior to purchasing these, it’s a given they are not going to be huged, filled with fresh fruit or anywhere near what you can get at a crepe shop, but still, it’s something I wanted to try for myself.

The Yamazaki Mille Crepe Roll is only Y145 and it’s a light breading with custard cream and whipped cream.   Fluffy and tasty, for Y145…it’s good.  Not great! But if you wanted to rid of Y145 for something sweet, I guess you can’t go wrong with this crepe roll.

For even cheaper, you can check out Douce Patisserie Monteur Fresh Dessert’s Crepe filled with Kamanberu Cheese.   At only Y130, it’s fluffy, moist and tasty.

Both crepe tasted are not hard, they are moist.  In fact, hold both by the ends and the other side will probably flop down.  That’s how moist they are.

But while both these crepe’s were tasty, I couldn’t help but think over and over of how much I rather have a real crepe with fresh fruit in my hands.  But again, these are cheap and a great way for one to unload of their many coins in their pocket/wallet.

But the best snack I tried…it wasn’t a crepe, it was the real cheese mochi that I kept seeing on the early morning news that morning.

At Y102, the real cheese mochi from 7-11 is light and fully of cream cheese.  No, this is not the type of mochi that will get stuck in your throat, it’s the kind that is light, moist and fully of cheese.  It actually tastes fantastic and for Y102, I wish I purchased more than one!

But that’s how snacks are at a convenience store, you never know which are the greatest or best tasting unless you purchase one.  And while there are many dessert restaurants all over Japan, convenience stores are great for getting rid of coin yen that has accumulated throughout your trip and need to offload quite a bit before leaving back home.