The One about Ryo Izaki – RIP Ryo and thank you for your travel blog!

RIP to travel blogger Ryo Izaki. A young man full of life and was traveling the world and blogging about it since Feb. 2016. This past weekend, Ryo’s next country to visit was Colombia. On Saturday afternoon, his latest stop was in Medellin, the second largest city in Colombia and on the day he arrived, he was shot and killed by robbers. There are those of us who travel for […]

The One about Revisiting the KIK Building in Kawaguchi, Saitama

Back in 1999, Kawaguchi Station and the area surrounding it was not so crowded as it is today. As the location was still developing (as I wrote in my May blog post), I wrote that I would be returning to the area in November 2016 to see how much the area has changed. And needless to say, Kawaguchi Station and the surrounding area has changed a lot! While the lion […]