The One about the Tamagoyaki in Tsukiji


Tsukiji fish market may be known for its fresh fish and its many sushi restaurants, but the location is also well known for its tamagoyaki.

Think of tamagoyaki as a Japanese omelette with its egg rolled together to make up several layers of a cooked egg in a special pan known as a makiyakinabe.

With a sweet consistency, the egg is mixed with sugar or soy sauce and sometimes other ingredients.

Among the more popular tamagoyaki restaurants in the Tsukiji fishmarket is Marutake Tamagoyaki.  You can find the restaurant easily with the photo of owner, Terry Ito, a TV personality in Japan with his sunglasses on and holding a plate of tamagoyaki.

And for under Y1000, you get a good sized tamagoyaki.

While Marutake is popular for its tamagoyaki and its owner, there is also Tsukiji Shoro.  Best known for its shoro sando, tamagoyaki in bread, like a sandwich which costs under Y500. And for those who like their tsukiji on a stick, there is the popular Tsukijiyamacho restaurant.

And there are quite a  few more tamagoyaki restaurants in Tsukiji Fish Market that I discovered this month.

Daichida is fascinating for trying to serve various types of tamagoyaki with different ingredients.  Just note when they ask you if you want outside or inside, they mean if you want to keep it in a plastic container or not.

But with so many tamagoyaki vendors in Tsukiji Fish Market, each of these tsukiji fish market vendors that sell tamagoyaki are fantastic.  Each showcase something different for customers and some swear that any one of these are more popular than the other but personally, each of these restaurants has its own charm and are all each worthy giving a try!

Nevertheless, if you are heading to the Tsukiji Fish Market, then definitely give tamagoyaki a try!