The One about Completing the Tokyo Ward Challenge


And the Tokyo Ward challenge is complete. I have visited all 23 Tokyo Wards and it was definitely one of the more exciting adventures I have taken part of.

It was a blast!


And now to end my final week in Tokyo an enjoy what time I have left. And while the photos and videos look fun, it was not easy. According to my Garmin, each day I was averaging 11 miles walking. I would come back to the hotel with my legs and quads tired and the worst part was trying to avoid major blistering, and I prepared by bringing band-aids and medical tape.

And of all the socks I invested in, the socks that came through for me were running socks and I had to double up, with one foot, having to triple towards the end of the challenge in order to prevent the blisters from further developing. Despite bringing other type of shoes, I stuck with the Saucony’s which worked perfectly.

As much as I wanted to wear my cooler shoes, there was no way I could do 11 miles with those. Also, what helped is the portable wi-fi from Japan Wireless, which worked fantastic and this time, my iPad despite having to be without it for two of cross-country days.

While the backup android tablet worked for temporary use. Also, despite bringing my DSLR and many gear, I rarely used it as after the first two days proved to be a hassle walking around with heavy gear. So, the Canon G7X worked well for me along with the Joby tripod.

Anyway, pretty stoked of how things worked out and happy I did this challenge. It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t difficult. It was all about determination and just dealing with whatever comes your way. And there were a lot of places I would never have gone to, if not for this challenge. And along the way, met a lot of awesome people!

So, overall a fantastic challenge and what an awesome overseas adventure!