The One about the Skagen Hagen World Time and Alarm (SKW6299) Watch


Skagen watches are now known for their lightness, stylish design but also being affordable quartz watches.

As a watch enthusiast, I also recommend Skagen for those who are starting out with purchasing of watches, wanting it to be stylish but also are not as willing to spend over a $100 on a watch.

Also, for those who are wanting to go with Skagen, knowing that these are light watches, very thin and the straps are just as light and I do not recommend them around operation of equipment or if you are prone to having your watch crash into wall or equipment.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the Skagen Hagen World Time and Alarm (SKW6299) Watch.

The Skagen Hagen World Time and Alarm Watch features a 20 mm band and a case diameter of 42mm and features an analogue quartz movement.

This is probably one of the more slick and stylish Skagen watches that I have come across with a brown leather strap.  Featuring a silver case and silver dial, you have three features on the dial for World time, Second and Alarm, with a date in the 4:00 p.m. position.

The changing time and date is easy by the pulling out the crown all the way or just halfway.

The genuine leather strap fits well and the good news is that this is one of the few Skagen watches that I have come across which the strap is interchangeable and much easier to replace, if you feel you want a black strap or another type of leather strap instead.

While Skagen has several Hagen type of watches, this one is a World Time and Alarm Leather Watch, which allows one to simultaneously display the time in both your current location and any other time zone in the world.  The other colors are an olive strap with a black dial and silver case.

Around the dial is a list of cities representing each of the 24 world time zones.

On the side next to the center dial is a top and bottom button.  The top pusher reflects the minute and hour in a corresponding time zone on the top dial, as indicated by the city hand.  The bottom pusher displays the alarm function on the bottom dial.

Hold down on the top pusher and it spins around until you let go, press it once and you can skip to each city much easier.  But you will see the world time clock start to adjust to the time zone, which is pretty cool.

The bottom section features an alarm that can be set via the bottom pusher which will allow the watch to beep for several seconds.  And it will beep in the AM and PM.  To enable the alarm, the crown must be pulled half way. If there is one caveat, I wish Skagen had instructions for setting the alarm.

The watch is water resistant up to 165 ft. but unless the watch is designed for aquatics, I would never recommend anyone to submerge this watch in water or take a shower with it.

And again, because of the mineral crystal, I would not wear this to work if you operate machinery or changes are you will be banging your watch on solid objects.

And last, there is a limited warranty.

Overall, the Skagen Hagen is one of the coolest Skagen watches I have seen.  While not as minimalist compared to other watches in the Skagen brand, it features the same light feel and simplistic features that other Skagen watches showcase.  Also, featuring a larger dial and World Time at an affordable price, considering world time watches are expensive.

If you are a person who wants an elegant world time watch at an affordable price, the Skagen Hagen World Time and Alarm Watch (SKW6299) is recommended!