The One about Travel Cubes


For those who tend to travel and want to become more organized and pack efficiently, I recommend purchasing travel packing cubes.

When purchasing, most of the sets offer a small, medium and large travel cube and the magic is to roll your clothing, so you can fit as many as possible.

But first, let’s talk about purchasing travel cubes.

For one, I do not splurge on travel cubes, I have different versions and they are almost all similar in the fact that they have zippers, they have mesh top panels and are made of durable lightweight nylon material.  The main difference between other brands is that they are offered in different colors and where the mesh is located are different.    Some sets offer laundry bags and a toiletry bag to hold your bathroom items.

But you don’t have to spend too much on these, may it be on Amazon, Groupon or going to Marshals, TJ Maxx or Ross, you can find a set of three for under $15.  For a set of three, I wouldn’t spend too much on these travel cubes.  If anything, I like to purchase several.  Personally, I recommend a minimum of two, especially if you travel overseas for several weeks.

Two small bags would be perfect to pack your socks and another for underwear, medium for your t-shirts/shirts and the large for pants and just in case if you have extra clothing you want to bring along or have a family or friend who may need to borrow one.  Always keep an eye out on sales or clearances on travel cubes.

And how to utilize travel cubes for better organization?  Here are a few YouTube videos worth watching: