The One about the Samsonite Harmony II Luggage


I have wrote about how I am a big supporter of finding luggage at Marshall’s, TJ Maxx and Ross stores.

Not only can you get great deals but you will find exclusive releases by major luggage manufacturers at these stores. And sometimes you can find great clearance deals as well.

When it comes to luggage, while I’m selective for weekenders, backpacks carrying equipment and such, if the bags are handled by me, I take care of them.  But if the bags are something that get manhandled, tossed around, unless you invest in Pelican Elite or Tumi luggage, if you are a person that wants luggage that works within your budget, then going to these department stores for luggage is definitely worth it!

And at your local Marshall’s, TJ Maxx and Ross stores, you should find exclusive Samsonite luggage.

At Marshall’s, you should be able to find Samsonite Harmony II luggage, which is their spinner upright luggage.

Part of the reason why I wanted to get this luggage is because I needed a second luggage that I can keep within the 62 linear inches (and 24″ inch and 25″ inch luggage are perfectly safe), a luggage that is light and luggage that is deep enough for me to store items to bring back home or to carry a few extra things thanks to its numerous pockets.

The luggage features an ergonomic push-button locking handle, fully featured interior with multiple pockets and the luggage also expands for added packing capacity.

What caught my attention for the Samsonite Harmony II is the fact that it’s deep (which is very important for those who use cubes and have a lot of clothes to pack or plan to bring many things back from their trip.

Pockets are very good as it can hold shoes, dress shirts and also comes with a plastic bag to keep all your bathroom essentials.

The Samsonite Harmony II also comes with a limited 10 year global warranty.

So, what differences are you going to find between the Samsonite luggage you find at these department stores and what you find at a luggage shop or online?

Sometimes you’ll notice that the Samsonite logo badge are not centered, you will noticed the ID card holder sideways instead of vertical, but I have compared Samsonite luggage at these department stores and even luggage purchased from online retailers to other major department stores and really, the differences are quite minimal.

For the Samsonite Harmony II 25″ Spinner, while not much information is found online, it is quite comparable to the Samsonite Hypertech Lite 25″ Spinner.

The bag features durable polyester fabric, features four spinner wheels, retractable handle, side carry handle, padded handles, but the main difference is the inside pockets in the top compartment.  In fact, the top pockets are similar to the Samsonite Bartlett Spinner, in the fact it can carry shoes for the bottom pockets and other small items for the top pocket.

Also, as most Samsonite spinners within 24″-25″ are 8.5 pounds, the Samsonite Harmony II weights around 9.99 pounds. So, if you are bringing two checked-in luggage, you’ll need to to be mindful of what you intend to pack (definitely get a portable digital or analog luggage weight scale).

Overall, if you are looking for luggage that is inexpensive, definitely check out the luggage at Marshalls, TJ Maxx or Ross and you may find the Samsonite Harmony II on sale or on clearance.  Check it out1