The One about Chubby’s Diner

When traveling through the United States or various states, you will still find diners that have been around since the 1940’s or 1950’s. And then you will find franchise diners that try to capture that era serving comfort food, with ’50s nostalgia all over the walls. One such diner is Chubby’s Diner, which can be found throughout the United States. Unlike other restaurants which have websites that go into their […]

The One about the Belkin MFi Certified MIXIT Metallic 6600 mAh Power Rockstar Battery Pack

My latest battery backup review is for the Belkin MFi Certified MIXIT Metallic 600mAh Power Rockstar Battery While the battery can be used as a backup for those who go on long trips or not in an immediate area to charge their electronic device, this is a battery for those need to charge their cell phone, tablet, MP3 player or whichever USB device they have overnight. I personally am a […]

The One about Samuel Fuller’s “The Naked Kiss”

When it comes to cinema, one of the more popular American director’s that have inspired many directors abroad is Samuel Fuller.  From his first film “I Shot Jesse James” (1949) or as writer beginning with “It Happened in Hollywood” (1937), Fuller is a true auteur who can create a film with all closeups, tackling politics or racism in his films, he was not afraid to do things his way through […]

The One about Shibuya 109 and 109Men’s

Shibuya, the trendy city for teenagers and young adults for their shopping needs. And since 1979, Shibuya 109 (Ichi-maru-kyu) and 109Men’s department stores have stood tall in Shibuya. It’s name is a word play on the owner, Tokyu Mall Development.  In Japan, 10=to, 9=kyu and what originally was intended as a shopping outlet for women in their early ’30s has become haven for teens and the gyaru culture. While there […]

The One about Doutor Coffee

In the United States, we are used to seeing Starbucks almost in every city. In Japan, while Starbucks can also be seen in major cities, you can also find coffee shops everywhere and one prevalent coffee shop is Doutor Coffee. Founded by Toriba Hiromichi, there are over 900 locations throughout Japan and 1,200 shops all over the world. The original goal of Doutor Coffee was to bring a European styled […]

The One about Sushi: Jiro Gastronomy

For sushi enthusiasts, the name Jiro Ono is internationally known. The sushi chef is considered one of the greatest sushi craftsman alive and in Ginza, his restaurant “Sukiyabashi Jiro” has received a three-Michelin-starred rating.  There is also a restaurant in Roppongi as well. And many more people are familiar thanks to the 2011 David Gelb documentary titled “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”. But before anyone goes to Sukiyabashi Jiro, there are […]

The One about the Lewis N Clark Automatic Magnetic Closure Waterproof Pouch

I have told the story to many friends and associates of how I am afraid to bring technology near a beach area. Somehow tiny sand particles get embedded and I have destroyed an iPod and digital cameras at the beach. I tried to keep them in plastic bags, but the combination of anything that had contact with sand mixed in with electronics, somehow somethings managed to get sand in them […]

The One about the Sun Sniper Germany Rotaball-Pro

For those who are always up and about with their DSLR, especially those traveling, will definitely want to consider the Sun Sniper Rotaball-Pro DSLR strap. For some people, they may be thinking…”DSLR Strap”? Well, let me explain that the Sun Sniper Rotaball-Pro is a product made in Germany and not only is it a solid investment, it’s a strap that not only provides shock absorbing, limiting how much the strap […]