The One about Halloween in Kawasaki and Tokyo


While many countries around the world celebrate October 31st as the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallow’s Day.  Somewhere in the past, the day known as Halloween has changed to being a day full of pumpkins, ghosts, witches, spiders, bats and a lot of candy.  So much that is has evolved to a day of partying and going out and wearing a costume.

In Tokyo, the Halloween explosion began in 2012, becoming a big commercial event.  While Halloween had existed in bars and parties, now cities have taken part by having huge parades where people can join in and wear costumes.

And it appears that 2016 will be another huge year for Halloween in Tokyo and Kawasaki (in the Kanagawa area).

I will be covering Halloween in Japan as much as I can between October 29th through the 31st but here are key events taking place:


The big Kawasaki Halloween Parade will be taking place.

The event in Kawasaki is probably one of the best know Halloween parades in Japan.  On Saturday is the children’s Halloween Parade and on Sunday, teens and adults in costume can take part in the parade.  Here is a video from last year:

Ikebukuro Cosplay Halloween 2017 (October 29-30):

Volkswagen Harajuku/Omotesando Pumpkin Parade 2017 (October 30th)

Tokyo One Piece Tower (@ Tokyo Tower): (September 17-October 31st)

Odaiba T-Spook Halloween Event (Oct. 29-30):

Decks Happy Halloween in Odaiba (September 22-October 31st)

Tokyo Skytree Halloween Magic 2016 (September 9 – October 31st)

Tokyo Disneyland (Sept. 9 through October 31st)

Roppongi Hills Halloween (October 9 – October 31st – Parade is on October 29th)

And for runners, the Zombie Dash on October 16th: