The One about Tokyo FM Spain Zaka Studio


In Japan, there are many forms of entertainment.  While no different from the United States in its many offerings of entertainment, Japanese radio has managed to stay relevant.

For one, unlike the United States where radio on the FM dial is primarily musically-driven, via AM, many can listen to  talk shows by political, science or sports announcers.  But now, many are starting to listen to podcasts downloaded from the Internet.

In Japan, while music can be heard on radio, talk shows are what dominates radio programming.

For one, unlike the US where talk shows are dominated by longstanding disc jockeys, many that have been syndicated and play throughout the United States, in Japan, popular pop stars are who you will often hear hosting their own radio show.

And of the locations that you would find many people flocking to catch the latest celeb is the Tokyo FM Spain Zaka Studio.

The studio was located at the popular Shibuya PARCO building but with renovation being done, the studio has come to an end.

While it’s not known if a new studio will come in after Shibuya PARCO is fully renovated, the Tokyo FM Spain Zaka Studio will be a memorable location for many people as it has been around from June 19, 1993 through August 7, 2016.

But for those who still clamor to see celebrities at Tokyo FM, the Tokyo FM Midtown Studio in Minato is still around.

And for those who have moved overseas and miss it, you can still listen to streaming episodes online (for free) or download the episodes via their podcasts.

But I will forever remember the Tokyo FM Spain Zaka Studio for being an instrumental part of the Shibuya landscape for over 20-years.