The One about the Sun Sniper Germany Rotaball-Pro


For those who are always up and about with their DSLR, especially those traveling, will definitely want to consider the Sun Sniper Rotaball-Pro DSLR strap.

For some people, they may be thinking…”DSLR Strap”?

Well, let me explain that the Sun Sniper Rotaball-Pro is a product made in Germany and not only is it a solid investment, it’s a strap that not only provides shock absorbing, limiting how much the strap swings but also provides security thanks to the “Safety “Cutter-Crasher” that features a slash proof strap thanks to a metal wire built in.

But I also find the strap very convenient for easy access and not having to worry to reach out to my camera and grab it to shoot as the strap is longer than the strap that comes with my DSLR, which also got in the way of my sunglasses or press badge, etc.

Unlike other straps which go into the top portion of the camera body, the Sun Sniper Rotaball-Pro connects via a Rotaball connector  with a MONO/MULTIBALL bearing that secures free swiveling off the camera.  You can connect the Sun Sniper Rotaball-Pro to underneath your camera or grip and you can also connect it to bigger lenses.  The way it’s designed, it prevents no unauthorized unscrewing.

The strap has a shock-absorber that relevies spine from strain caused by the weight of the camera, it comes with an extra-soft shoulder pad (which my previous straps did not have), there is a second strap known as the swing “LIMITER” which prevents the camera from swinging backwards during quick moves.  And that has a pad-positioning “PITT” which keeps strap and pad in position under extreme situations.  And as mentioned, on the main strap is a safety “CUTTER-CRASHER” with a metal wire, so no one can just cut the strap off, which is definitely handy when traveling overseas.

Also, the Sniper-Pro went through a stress stess and was able to hold 83,3KG which equates to 183 pounds and recommended for 5kg (11 pound) equipment.

Also, another plus is that if a thief manages to cut through the strap, Sun Sniper says that your camera is insured for up to $1000 (conditions apply, one will need to visit the company’s website).

And last, there is a warranty of five years.



It’s a no-brainer that the Sun Sniper Rotaball-Pro is much better than a basic DSLR strap.  From its implementation with the rotaball and how it connects to your camera, the ease of use, to comfort, to anti-theft, the product offers more than what a standard strap can offer.

The Sun Sniper Rotaball-Pro is highly recommended!