The One about the Rayovac PS99CL Power Protect Safety Siren, Flashlight, & Portable Charger


Having reviewed several products that deal with personal safety, the next product that I had a chance to review is the Rayovac PS99CL Power Protect Safety Siren, Flashlight, & Portable Charger.

The first thing that came to mind were friends who jogged early in the morning (4:00-5:00 a.m.) and they have seen shady and suspicious people during their run and we talked about ways to protect themselves and how it’s important to have a small device that has a light and also a siren.

There are several advantages of  using the Rayovac PS99CL compared to other devices.  For one, it’s rechargeable, as others I have reviewed have required battery and the battery reserves 20% as safety for the siren.  Second, the device features a 100 decibel panic alarm.  And the Rayovac PS99CL also has a 2200 mAh recharger that holds enough power to charge a mobile phone up to 100%.  It also comes with a micro USB cable but for those who need something longer, if they have a longer micro USB cable charger for their smartphone, it will work on this device.


The recharger has a power pack that can  recharge 300+ times using a USB charger and holds charge up to 6 months.  And another plus is that if one wants to know the battery status, similar to a battery pack, there is a LED battery gauge indicator showing charge and discharge.

The Rayovac PS99CL is easy to use, hold the power button for a few seconds and the flashlight turns on.  Hold the button below it and it turns off.

The siren is also easy by pulling the black portion behind the Rayovac PS99CL to activate the siren.  Put it back and it turns off.

It’s fairly simple to use.


While some may prefer a smaller alarm that can be kept in the hand like the SABRE keychain alarm which has a 120 decibel alarm, the SABRE requires a battery and one time while running, water got into the button and the device stopped working.

If anything, the Rayovac PS99CL Power Protect Safety Siren, Flashlight, & Portable Charger is a much better device, but it may be a little too big for some people.  It’ll fit in your hand, but one may find a way to click it if they plan on running with it.  Because some people like to have their smartphone in hand.

I just wish that the device came in multiple colors.

But the device looks and feels durable and for what it offers.  Would have loved it at under $20, but at under $25, for one’s personal safety with the siren and light, and also the fact that it can recharge a phone is a big plus.

Definitely worth investing in and I recommend it.