The One about Visiting Kabushiki Gaisha Shueisha


If you are visiting the Chiyoda ward and are in Jimbocho, if you are a fan of Japanese comic books (manga) and animation (anime), you will definitely want to visit Shueisha Inc. (Kabushiki Gaisha Shueisha).

Founded back in 1925, Shueisha is the entertainment-related publishing division of Japanese publisher Shogakukan and then later made into a separate, independent company.

Shueisha is best known for publishing “Weekly Shonen Jump”, “Weekly Young Jump”, “Non-no”, “Ultra Jump” and along with Shogakukan, are the owner of Viz Media which publishes manga in the United States.

Having read many manga and watching many anime adaptions during my years in college when I was studying Japanese and also reviewing it professionally right after graduating from college, I felt that I had to pay my respects by visiting the Shueisha headquarters.

For those visiting the headquarters, only the first floor is accessible and it’s a small plaza which you can purchase items at the Jump Store.

There is no cost to go inside Shueisha but there is a security guard that will be watching directly at the plaza room.

Overall, if you are a fan of Japanese animation or manga, it’s definitely a place worth visiting.  Especially, if you grew up watching/reading the many popular stories from the company’s long history.

For more information on Shueisha, please visit their official website.