The One about Tsukji Fish Market’s Relocation… Now On Hold


I have written about my final visit to Tsukiji Fish Market but I decided that because I love sushi so much, I had to be in Japan for the final closure of the Tsukiji Fish Market before its transition to Toyosu in November 2016.

With the move to take place a few months from now, it looks like Tsukiji’s move to its new location has been put on hold.

The new Tokyo governor, Yuriko Koike suspended the November 7th relocation of Tsukiji Fish Market pending a few worries.

In 2011, noxious chemicals in the ground at the Toyosu site, construction costs have ballooned and the residents have not been kept in the loop.

Koike has been driven in doing a great job in the interest of Tokyo residents and her concerns should be major concerns for residents as no one wants to be around toxic chemicals in the ground.  Also, residents should be privy to why construction costs when from Y392.6 billion yen to Y588.4 billion yen.

There has been concern by sushi chefs who have been critical of the fish market’s move to Toyosu, but with the Toyosu building having been built, it will be interesting when the move will take place.

Regardless of what may happen, I will still visit Tsukji Fish Market an experience the delicious sushi in the area but also visit the new Toyosu location to see what the area looks like.

I can’t wait to visit Tsukiji Fish Market again!