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The One about Halloween in Kawasaki and Tokyo

While many countries around the world celebrate October 31st as the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallow’s Day.  Somewhere in the past, the day known as Halloween has changed to being a day full of pumpkins, ghosts, witches, spiders, bats and a lot of candy.  So much that is has evolved to a day of partying and going out and wearing a costume. In Tokyo, the Halloween explosion began in 2012, becoming […]

The One about Woody Allen’s “Annie Hall”

Woody Allen’s “Annie Hall” would always be known as a classic romantic comedy. In fact, many would say that his 1977 film would be his shining moment within his long list of films in his oeuvre.   For Woody Allen, “Annie Hall” was a film in which the filmmaker and actor wanted delve deeper than he had done in his previous films and sure enough, it would prove to be a success. “Annie Hall” was nominated […]

The One about the Himiko and Hotaluna

If you are in Japan and happen to be near the Sumida River, you can get to Asakusa and Odaiba easily via riding the water buses, the Himiko and the Hotaluna. The Himiko and Hotaline were both named by Leiji Matsumo. Making its debut in July 2015, the Hotaluna is known for its sci-fi design.  Both Featuring a silver metallic futuristic look, the water bus received its name from Leiji Matsumoto (best known for manga/anime […]

The One about the London Fog Devonshire 360UL Luggage

As many airlines are becoming more strict with their rules for check-in luggage and many luggage companies are now including the +2 to their dimensions, it’s becoming less practical to use a 28″-32″ expandable spinner luggage. The most important thing to remember when purchasing luggage is that most airlines have a rule of 62″ inches.  So, when you add the width, length and dimensions, to be safe, it’s good to add +2 or up to […]

The One about My Latest Travel Challenge: The Tokyo Ward Challenge

In October and November, I will be embarking on several travel challenges.  The main travel challenge is known as the “Tokyo Ward Challenge”. The challenge is quite simple:  Visit each of the 23 wards in Tokyo. For those in the United States, think of it as visiting every county in your state.  But in Japan, wards are local entities that are directly controlled by the municipal government.  And these governments handle administrative functions such as […]