The One about the Belts


I grew up with being taught that belts are there to hold your pants in place.

These days, belts are not just for holding our pants up but they are also a wise accessory for the those who are about their own personal style and for the most part, guys should be wearing a belt 90% of the time.

In fact, I treat belts like socks, good to have a wide variety that goes well with your wardrobe, shoes and watch.

One thing that I am often asked about belts is “Do I try to match a belt and its colors with my watch strap or shoes?”.

The answer is yes.  Coordinating colors is very important for my fashion and I find that it’s important to own belts that compliment your wardrobe.

I love belts with buckles but belts with a good amount of silver metal for the clasping area.  But I try to find belts that are reversible, brown and black to some that matches shoes that I wear, so finding belts in different colors is also important for me.

With the COACH belts that I have, they are reversible, so I can wear brown/black, gray/black or if I’m wearing lighter color chukas, I have a belt with a lighter brown to match.

I have thick belts for wearing with denim, corduroy and casual pants, while thinner belts are for when I want to be dressed up.

I also have belts that are more durable than others and I try to stay away from belts that look like they have a covering that can easily peel.  I stay away from belts that are vinyl and look cheap.  I enjoy looking for simple leather-based belts and nothing wrong with alligator straps as well.

But also another alternative is buying belts with awesome buckles and this is where visiting antique shops or even thrift shops can be ideal, if looking for vintage belt buckles.  And if you want to go this route, then I recommend purchasing a snap on belt strap.  But I’ll do a blog on that as I can go a little more in-depth into that at another time.

But for those who want to start wearing belts, just remember to get a black and brown belt which is essential and then you will find yourself getting different shades of brown or other colors to match your shoes, watch strap and to enhance your own fashion style.