The One about the Carrera CA6637/N Eyeglasses and Eyezen lenses


It’s another year and it’s time to get new eyeglasses.

I know..I know…it wasn’t long ago when I got my two eyeglasses last year (my Ray-Ban Optics RB 7014 and the MarchonNYC Broadway Downtown M-852), one for whenever I’m reading and one whenever I feel I need them for driving.

But this time around, I felt it was inconvenient of having two eyeglasses.  I wanted one that did everything I wanted, for reading, driving and everything in between.

And so, it was time to get new glasses and I chose the Carrera CA66437/N Eyeglasses, something a little thicker but also something rather cool.

The Carrera CA6637/N are full rim frames made of Acetate Plastic (made of cotton seed fibers and plasticizers), so it’s lightweight.

It has a rectangular shape with a single bridge and also features a spring hinge, so no need to worry of it pinching your head.

As for the lenses, I am using Eyezen technology.  Primarily because I am working in front of a computer, cell phone, tablet too often and the only way to help protect yourself from occasional eye fatigue, dry eyes, brainstrain and neck pain is by getting lenses that help protect your eyes, more than just letting you see better.

And this is where Eyezen is important for me…it protects people from blue-violet light, a harmful blue light that has led to certain eye conditions. Eyezen lenses filter at least 20% of Harmful Blue Light.

Along with Eyezen (please note that there are Eyezen+1 for ages 18-34, Eyezen+2 for ages 35 to 44 and Eyezen+3 for ages 45 to 50, anything older or worse, one will want to consider progressive/multifocal lenses).

While Eyezen provides you blue-light protect, they are not anti-reflective.  So, you can add anti-reflective (AR) treatment, so I got Eyezen with Crizal Avance which features UV protection, with anti-glare, resists scratches, repels dusts, repels water and resists smudges.

But I can definitely vouch for the Carrera CA6637/N Eyeglasses  and if you work too long on a computer/tablet/cell phone screen, then definitely consider protecting your eyes with Eyezen lenses!